Ana-Marija + André

Toronto/New York. Ana-Marija hates her job. Her best friend, tired of looking at her glum face, decides to take her to New York for the week-end. That’s love. They enjoy an afternoon in the Big Apple – sightseeing, shopping, restaurant-ing. Later, they get ready and head over to their friend’s hip club in Soho. The night is filled with dancing, Patrón and pineapple and, eventually, the VIP area turns into the unofficial (because it was technically illegal) smoking section. Here, Ana is approached by a man who politely asks whether or not he’s permitted to also enjoy a cigarette. Ana, not interested in making small talk nor hiding her annoyance, sighs and tells him it’s fine, he can stay. After finishing his refreshment, he leaves.

The next evening, the girls go for drinks on a roof-top patio. The patio is packed and they notice two guys standing. Eye contact is made, slight signals and nods exchanged, and the two guys make their way over and ask if they can join them. The four easily start chatting and Ana learns that one of them, André, is from Switzerland. A few rounds later, André turns to Ana and says, “You don’t remember me, do you?” Ana is confused and he replies, “We met last night at the club, and you were not very nice”. Oh dear, the refresher! They laugh at the coincidence and André and his friend ask if they would like to go somewhere else. Ana wouldn’t normally follow some stranger around, but something tells her the night isn’t over. They head over to the Meatpacking District and the lineup is huge. The four stand around, talking and laughing, and eventually forget all about the lineup. They stand on the sidewalk for the next few hours conversing about everything from the Olympics to the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Eventually it’s time to leave but no one really wants to make the first move. Ana and André exchange email addresses – she politely offers to send him some of the photos she took on her new phone – and that’s it. As she leaves, she thinks to herself that it’s too bad he lives so far away, he was pretty perfect. Upon her return home, she emails the photos to André. No response. One day at work, the receptionist calls Ana and tells her that she has received a package. This is not unusual as she often has drawings couriered to her. What she finds are not drawings, but a box. Inside the box she finds Swiss chocolates on ice and a note that says, “Something Sweet from Switzerland.”

*refreshment: classier way of saying cigarette

Some more sweet things.


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