Leila + Nick

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me.  Toronto, Ontario – 2011. Leila’s parents, Giuseppina + Karim, met in the most romantic and spontaneous of ways and Leila wanted the same epic love story for herself. After years of searching for a similar connection, she discovered that meeting men the ‘old fashioned way’ usually […]

Jenny + Mark

Toronto, Ontario – 31 December 2009. Jenny and a girlfriend are headed to Maro Supper Club after plans to ring in the new year in New York fall through. Jenny has high hopes for the evening. After ending a relationship three months prior, she’s looking for a fun night out and a distraction from her thoughts. Her girlfriend has […]

Elise + Johan

Sometimes leopard sheets don’t always mean what you think they mean.  Toronto, Ontario – October 2007. Elise is invited to a grad party. Excited to mingle with a different crowd, she invites a good friend to join her who she thinks will also enjoy an evening amongst intellectuals. As they arrive at the house, Elise rings the doorbell and Johan opens […]

Melissa + Sean

Do you believe in fate? This story reminds me that some paths are destined to cross.  Milton, Ontario – 2008. Melissa is working at Ned Devine’s pub. She likes her job. It keeps her busy and interested, especially when a specific good-looking guest comes in and she purposely trades tables with whoever is managing the section he sits in. This […]