Dani + Tony

This story makes me smile. It takes me back to my university days and all the memories associated with being a 20-something in the late 2000s: Bob Sinclar’s Love Generation, 3-way telephone calls with girlfriends and you and your 20 closest friends trying to get on the guest list at the newest club downtown where the dress code was always the same – jeans and a nice top.

Toronto, Ontario – March 2007. Dani liked older men. Or at least that’s what everyone assumed. She was an older man magnet. She was cursed. No matter where she was – out with friends, on holiday in Italy – it was guaranteed that an older man would strike up a conversation with her. Despite her attempts at flirting with guys her own age, they simply were not responding to her siren call.

One day, her girlfriends hear that Bob Sinclar is in town. As per usual, her friend Kaia comes in with the hookup – ten tickets and a booth beside the dj. Plus, Kaia’s younger brother would be there with his friends so it was guaranteed to be a good night with a good group. Dani calls her two friends via 3-way to discuss if they should go (what was that code again? *71?) and it’s agreed that they need to live life, follow fate and pay the $80.

The night begins with a pre-drink at a friend’s condo with Kaia’s 10 girlfriends and her brother’s 10 guy friend all crammed in a 1 bedroom + den. Amongst the group is Tony and Dani’s gaze is immediately drawn to him. But wait, isn’t he a couple of years younger? Filled with liquid courage, she wants to talk to him but unsure how. Luckily, fate intervenes when Tony clips the back of her shoe as they exit the elevator en route to the club. This is her moment. With all the sass in the world, she turns to him and asks, “What would you have done if I tripped?” He quickly responds, “I would’ve caught you”. Game over. She’s smitten. 

At the club, the two groups separate. The girls are dancing, drinking and fully embracing girls night. As Dani looks over at the booth next to them, she makes eye contact with an older man with a ponytail. Oh god, not another one. Must get away. Before Mr. Ponytail can make his move, fate intervenes again. As Dani rushes to move away, she stumbles and lands on the seat right next to Tony, causing him to spill his drink. Embarrassed, she asks, “Can I sit here?” He says, “Sure.” They talk all night. And like that, the curse was broken.


Midnight adventures from Paris to Dubai to Hong Kong, 2018



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