Silvana + Ante

Silvana met Ante for the first time when he tagged along with a friend to visit someone at her high school. She was 15. He was 18. They’ll meet again about a decade later. 

Mississauga, Ontario – 13 May 2006. Silvana first hears of Ante while on a smoke break at her aunt’s wedding. Huddled in a circle with other members of the bridal party, a friend suggests that she meet Ante, a filmmaker and a guest at the wedding. Mildly curious, Silvana agrees to be introduced. Ante learns from a friend that Silvana is a film buff but he’s skeptical, thinking to himself, “I hope she doesn’t consider Pulp Fiction to be the epitome of filmmaking.” They meet and it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to cinema. Not one to be subtle, Silvana immediately begins dropping references to New German Cinema. Ante, more than able to hold his own, mentions that he’s reading Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Ok. 

They talk all evening with small smoke breaks sprinkled in between. From Michelangelo Antonioni films to the Robert Altman’s Nashville soundtrack and on and on. Being There, Melvin and Howard, Breaking the Waves. Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Bob Fosse, David Lynch. The conversation is effortless, natural and honest. No bullshit.

They remember that they had met many years ago and Silvana recalls this long ago meeting and his intense gaze. Finally, Ante says to her that he’d like to meet her father. That’s a bit soon, don’t you think? Turns out they weren’t the only ones to meet at school many years ago. Ante tells her that their fathers had been in the seminary in Split, Croatia at the same time before separately deciding to leave and eventually immigrate to Canada. As Ante tells her this crazy story, she thinks to herself, “Who is this guy?” 

With the morning light peaking through, they agree to share a cab at 5 am. He tries to kiss her. She says goodbye and that she’ll see him later. This time, it doesn’t take a decade to meet again, it takes about one week.


Thinking of the film La Dolce Vita as well as the warmth and the colours of Italy 


A mix of Florence, Rome and Lyon, France


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