Jenny + Mark

Toronto, Ontario – 31 December 2009. Jenny and a girlfriend are headed to Maro Supper Club after plans to ring in the new year in New York fall through. Jenny has high hopes for the evening. After ending a relationship three months prior, she’s looking for a fun night out and a distraction from her thoughts. Her girlfriend has similar intentions. She wants a fun night out and a distraction in the form of a man. As they sip on their drinks listening to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, her friend taps her on the shoulder and says she’s spotted the hottest guy. After pointing him out, Jenny does something completely out of the ordinary for her; she makes eye contact with him and signals for him to come over. He walks over and Jenny introduces him to her friend. She’s filled with pride. She is the best wing woman ever. And then, he turns to her instead and says, “Hi. I’m Mark.”

As they make conversation, it becomes increasingly clear that Mark is into Jenny and not her friend. Jenny, taken aback by this surprising connection, isn’t ready to dismiss him. They talk. They dance, and right before the club lights turn on, Mark asks Jenny for her number. As he pulls out his phone, Jenny spots a baby picture as his screen saver. Her heart drops. Oh God, he has a kid! Before Mark can begin to save her number, he turns the phone to her and says, “How cute is my nephew?” Ha! Very cute! Her heart steadies and she wonders if he’ll call the next day. He does.

And because I know how much Jenny & Mark love Havana, below are some photos that try to capture the beauty, diversity and history of this tiny island, 2015.



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