Elise + Johan

Sometimes leopard sheets don’t always mean what you think they mean. 

Toronto, Ontario – October 2007. Elise is invited to a grad party. Excited to mingle with a different crowd, she invites a good friend to join her who she thinks will also enjoy an evening amongst intellectuals. As they arrive at the house, Elise rings the doorbell and Johan opens the door. “He is so good looking,” were the first thoughts that ran through Elise’s mind after getting over the butterflies in her stomach. Elise introduces herself and Johan politely reminds her that they had already met. Oh. To be fair to Elise, Johan looks completely different. The man standing in front of her has short hair while the Johan she remembers meeting had super long hair, longer than hers.

Elise and friend enter and start to mingle. The party is not what they had imagined. Where Elise had envisioned rooms lined with bookshelves, a discreet fire and people sipping on wine, instead what greeted her was a typical university party with an Ikea futon for a couch, an old fireplace not in use and people sipping their drinks in red beer cups.

Elise and Johan’s paths cross but not too much. A few hours in, Elise notices that her friend has had too much to drink and needs to take a nap. Unwilling to leave her friend in a house filled with strangers, Elise looks around to see where she can make herself comfortable. Johan, the consummate gentleman, tells Elise that he’ll make a bed for her and her friend. He guides them to one of the bedrooms and leaves. Upon his return, Elise sees him holding bed sheets. Leopard-printed bed sheets to be exact. OMG. He must be such a player. Unable to control herself, Elise teases him about the scandalous sheets. Johan looks at her with confusion. His mom bought him these sheets!

The next day, Elise and her friend wake up, well rested. As they leave the house, Elise sees that Johan had slept on the couch. They say their goodbyes but not for the last time.

My favourite indulgences that can also lead to naps.


Champagne at the Airport


A classic Cuban cocktail, the Canchánchara


Tomislav’s favourite – Kombucha


Stratus Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.


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