Melissa + Sean

Do you believe in fate? This story reminds me that some paths are destined to cross. 

Milton, Ontario – 2008. Melissa is working at Ned Devine’s pub. She likes her job. It keeps her busy and interested, especially when a specific good-looking guest comes in and she purposely trades tables with whoever is managing the section he sits in. This would continue for a few months until, one evening, Melissa sees him in the pub parking lot. He’s wearing a suit so she’s not sure if it’s him; however, upon closer inspection, it’s confirmed. His name is Sean and she flirts shamelessly with him the entire evening. Good thing Sean gets the point and asks for her number.

Date #1: February 14th. Nope. Melissa quickly cancels. She refuses to have a first date on such a cliché holiday.

Real Date #1: Sean invites Melissa to his place. They order wings, share a few drinks and smokes, and talk for hours. They talk about all things one should never talk about on a first date: politics, religion, personal opinions on all sensitive topics. Melissa was in heaven!

Moving on to date #3 and with all deal-breaking topics aside, they delve into family histories and Melissa tells him about her grandfather’s small home on a tiny island near Campbellford. Would you know, Sean’s great-aunt and uncle also lived on this tiny island and were good friends with Melissa’s grandfather.  A family video from 1988 shows Melissa and her family gifting their grandfather a bike with Sean’s great-aunt and uncle in the background. Side note: Melissa shares that they were able to show Sean’s great-aunt and grandparents the video before they passed and it was incredible. They’ll also discover that Sean grew up in the same neighbourhood as her cousins. Although they didn’t know each other, they attended the same epic house parties that are still talked about today.

With these connections, how could these two not meet?


The romantic island of Korčula, Croatia. 2013.

myers island. copy

Meyers Island Rd which leads you to the homes of Melissa’s grandfather and Sean’s great-aunt and uncle.


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