Bill + Janet


Bill loved his life. He was playing hockey for Ohio State University and had proposed marriage to his girlfriend, the head cheerleader.  However, by the end of his university career, he started to question if this was what he really wanted. He loved the lifestyle but wasn’t sure if his intentions and priorities were in the right place. Did he love his career? Did he see a future with his fiancée outside of Ohio State? Realizing that these doubts ultimately meant the answer was no, he made the difficult decision to break up with his fiancee.  Spoiler alert: not Janet. He returns to his hometown for the week-end to clear his head and asks his friend Tony to go for a beer at the local bar.


Janet’s priorities were studying and working. Essentially, the antithesis to her best friend Jamie, with whom she bartended with at the local bar. Where Janet was serious and focused, Jamie was fun and carefree. One Saturday night, Jamie couldn’t help teasing her friend to let loose and say yes to the next guy who hit on her. Janet’s response was an emphatic no. “You probably don’t even know how to flirt anymore,” was Jamie’s quick response, “I dare you to ask out the next guy who walks through this door.” Janet, unable to argue with her friend any longer, quickly agrees just to end the conversation.

Jake’s Boathouse, the local bar

Tony picks up Bill to go to the bar. Having worked that day, he was clean-shaven and still in his suit. Bill, on the other hand, was unshaven with a look that said, “I’m not here to impress.” Handsome Tony leads the way to the door. As he approaches the entrance, he holds the door open for unkempt Bill to enter.

Through the window, Janet and Jamie see two young men approaching the bar. Janet’s eyes focus immediately on the man in the suit and realizes that this might not be so bad. But as luck would have it, he opens the door and in walks … the other guy. Jamie hollers with laughter and shoots her friend a look that says, “a deal is a deal”. Spoiler Alert: The ongoing joke today is that Janet almost married their friend Tony.

Bill takes a seat with his friend at the bar and they’re greeted by a pretty bartender. Not only was she pleasing to the eyes but was super friendly throughout the evening. Janet, frustrated with this man for not picking up her signals, finally says at the end of the night, “Would you like to go out sometime?” Bill, surprised by her forwardness, agrees. He shares a look with his friend saying, “I know I just said a few hours ago that I would take a break from dating and focus on my future but I’m not saying no to this woman.”

Shortly after Bill and Janet’s first date, Bill decides not to return to Ohio. Permanently.




My hometown in the summer time, Toronto, Ontario



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