Helena + Hector

When Helena was in elementary school, she would pray every night before going to bed. She prayed for her parents, her siblings, her whole extended family and her friends. But before saying “Amen”, Helena would sneak in two quick prayers: she prayed for boobies, and she prayed for Hector.

Let’s rewind. November, 1989. Helena is new to Canada. With short hair that screams, “I just immigrated from Eastern Europe” coupled with being self-conscious about being the new kid, little Helena breathes a sigh of relief when the teacher announces another new student to the class (and country), and in walks Hector with his afro and argyle sweater. By Grade 5, Hector is the coolest thing since sliced bread – a great athlete, super nice and ‘dates’ all the cool girls. Helena is also athletic, super shy and has a serious crush on Hector. Girls, remember that game M.A.S.H.? Helena and Hector don’t attend the same highschool. The years pass, but their paths never cross.

August, 2009. Helena is sitting at her desk, wasting spending time on Facebook and impulsively types in Hector’s name. She’s shocked to learn that they attended the same university. Obviously the right thing to do is send a friendly message and say hello. Helena and Hector exchange a few messages and she casually suggests that they meet for coffee sometime. One day, Helena’s phone rings. She answers and Hector’s voice on the other end says, “Hello stranger.” The two catch up over coffee – he downs his, she sips hers. He suggests they go bowling and Helena doesn’t get home until 2 am. All very innocent. A couple of days later, when Helena’s friend backs out of attending The Killers concert, Helena offers the ticket to Hector who mentioned being a fan. All very innocent and friendly. Following the concert, they text daily. Less innocent, more friendly. They begin to see each other more and more until it becomes evident that they’re no longer just friends. Prayers and M.A.S.H. must really work. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Lovers making a wish to return to Prague, Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic



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