Zelia + Manuel

Toronto, Ontario – Spring 1978. 17-year old Zelia is at a Portuguese festival at the neighbourhood church with her friends and cousins. Across the church lawn, Manuel notices a blond girl – a rarity in the Portuguese community. His eyes follow her, and as she begins to walk away, he chases after her. Manuel introduces himself to Zelia and asks for her number. She hesitates but politely refuses, she doesn’t know him. An undeterred Manuel asks if she will be attending the festival’s evening dance. She says she will and agrees to save him a dance. That evening, Zelia arrives and automatically looks for Manuel. She spots him on the dance floor, dancing with another woman. That’s finemaybe he really likes to dance. Zelia waits for the next song. Then the next. But Manuel continues to dance all of his dances with the same woman. A once cool and collected Zelia is now pissed. What a jerk. First he is all eager to see her, now he ignores her. She leaves. Today Zelia laughs when she thinks of how she watched her brother-in-law dance with his now wife all evening. Walking out, Zelia and Manuel cross paths. He comes towards her exclaiming, “I’m here! Let’s dance!” “Let’s dance? You’ve been dancing all night, and I’ve been here the whole time.” Manuel is confused. He tries to explain to her that he just arrived but Zelia isn’t buying it. Manuel thinks, and realizes that she must have seen his twin brother and tells her so. Twin brother? Sure. And she’s busy now washing her hair. Zelia, feeling foolish, isn’t interested in hearing anymore and goes home. The next day at school, Zelia gives her friends the low-down on what happened the night before. Her friends, who also know Manuel, share a look and apologetically inform her that he does, in fact, have a twin brother. Oh dear, what has she done? The next week-end, Zelia sees Manuel and approaches him. She apologizes for not believing him. This time, when Manuel asks for her number, Zelia doesn’t hesitate.

Seeing double, Bordeaux & Dreux, France

Seeing Double, New York City, USA



  1. Wow, I just found your blog and I love it! What an incredible idea to create a blog solely about these amazing love stories… It’s so fun and interesting to read through them all!
    I love your humor too!

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