A State of Sunshine

I’ve neglected you. But I had a good reason, I promise. Like many who live in Canada, I decided to head to the closest sunny destination for a little bit of R&R and for Fam Jam 2012: the ladies edition – Florida. My aunts, cousins and I spent 4 wonderful days along the Gulf of Mexico followed by a week-end in Miami. Being a bit of a beach snob, I was curious to see how Florida beaches would compare to my sejours along the Adriatic. I was pleasantly surprised. White sand, the water the perfect temperature and I’ve come home with a great tan. As for Miami, I was nervous. I’ve never been drawn to those party destinations and when our hotel was overbooked and they tried to convince me that my new hotel would be great as the cast of Jersey Shore stayed there, I’m sure the look of horror on my face was comical. But Miami was fabulous. The heat, the bright colours, the tequila-infused drinks, the art deco – I was happy.

Breakfast at the Raleigh Hotel, South Beach, Miami

I (heart) Palm Trees, near Tampa, Florida

Greetings from SOBE, South Beach, Miami


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