Joyce + Tomi

The story of Joyce and Tomi whose names elicits a collective sigh from my female co-workers every time.

Oakville, Ontario – August 11, 2006. Joyce is getting ready to go to Rehab. A friend of her sister’s is celebrating a birthday at the local club and invites Joyce along. Despite not knowing many of the people attending, she agrees. The ladies enter the club and station themselves on the upper level mezzanine with a perfect view of the dance floor, prime people-watching real estate. From her vantage point, Joyce notices a cute guy on the dance floor. She points him out to one of the girls she’s just met who suggests that Joyce go downstairs and dance with him. Joyce isn’t so bold and politely tells her that she just doesn’t do that. The evening continues and Joyce is presented with another opportunity to meet this cute guy when she spots him at the bar. Deciding that approaching him under the guise of ordering a drink is much more within her comfort zone, she walks over, stands beside him, and…bleh, nothing. She totally chickens out. This story has ‘missed connection’ written all over it, until…while dancing, the girl from the mezzanine taps Joyce on the shoulder and tells her, “I have something for you.” She grabs her hand and leads her to the centre of the dance floor where the cute guy is also dancing. She takes both of their hands, links them together and says, “You two should talk.” Talk they do for the rest of the night. Tomi gets her number and calls her the next day – no three-day man-rule for him. On their first date soon after, Tomi takes Joyce to the drive-in where they order a family combo. Tomi will tell you that this is when he knew Joyce was the one for him – a girl with an appetite. They’ll go to the park, order ice cream and he’ll show her the constellations. True story. Almost six years later, Joyce has had no luck in reconnecting with her undercover matchmaker from that evening to thank her for introducing her to her husband. She will also tell you that love can appear in the most unlikeliest of places, including at a club called Rehab.

August and Agritourism on Korčula, Croatia


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