Wilhelm + Cameron

Berlin – 2012. Wilhelm is climbing up the walls. Having had minor surgery three days prior and unable to venture out into the real world, he is going stir crazy. It’s Saturday night and his friend has invited him to her birthday. Recovered or not, Wilhelm is going out. He showers and takes his time getting ready – his first shower since the surgery – the doctor’s rules, not his. He feels good. And hey, he looks good too. Wilhelm enters a cosy and quirky east Berlin bar where he recognises the group of his friends and heads over to them. He notices gays in abundance, which he hadn’t expected – some he recognizes and some he doesn’t. As the night progresses, people become more tipsy and flirtatious. However, not Wilhelm. He is on codeine and while he is enjoying the legal high, it definitely means no drinking. Being sober and hit on at regular intervals by the gaggle of gays, no one is catching Wilhelm’s eye. He is starting to get annoyed by the unwanted attention – that’s always awkward – and the codeine is starting to wear off. Uninterested in his conversation, he looks towards the door when in walks a gorgeous stranger. Wilhelm stops and stares for a second – just a second before he catches himself; he quickly and disappointingly concludes that the handsome stranger is straight. He is introduced to him later, and learns that his name is Cameron, he is a Kiwi and is also connected to the birthday party, but doesn’t know the birthday girl directly. They talk but Wilhelm assumes in a platonic way. They continue to talk throughout the night. They don’t notice that people have stopped approaching them and it is clear to everyone else – but them – that they are clearly interested in each other. The birthday girl drunkenly approaches the two and boldly asks Cameron if he is gay. Wilhelm, ready to chastise her for her obnoxious intervention, but also a bit curious of the answer, waits to hear his response. Cameron says, “Uh, yeah, I am.” A quietly pleased Wilhelm takes a sip of his apple juice. Cameron orders another beer. Wilhelm learns that what first seemed to be turning into an unredeemable night was turning out to be pretty interesting. Wilhelm leaves the bar with Cameron’s number.



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