Barbara + Arthur

Mississauga, Ontario. Barbara and Arthur met in grade 8 but never spoke. He was the class clown. She was too cool for school. By grade 12, they were aware of each other’s existence but still never spoke. He was a loud football-lovin’ guy. She was 18 going on 28, already hitting the club scene. Complete opposites.

As they entered their twenties, pursuing their studies and relationships, one would think the two would never cross paths unless accidentally bumping into each other at the local Lazar Bakery. However, Barbara and Arthur did have one thing in common – rather, one person. Arthur’s best friend, Z, was a close friend of Barbara’s. Every so often, Z would bring Arthur around. After a few occasions in each other’s company, Barbara pulls her friend aside and not-so-jokingly tells him to stop bringing this guy around. He’s annoying. Z doesn’t take this too seriously and one day invites her to join them at the cottage. After a recent break-up, Barbara decides a week-end at the cottage sounds perfect. While there, Barbara and Arthur hang out and talk. When they return to the city, they hang out some more – eventually just the two of them. Another trip to the cottage brings them even closer – literally – where the coolness of the night forces them to cuddle, platonically of course. Right, who cuddles platonically? And Arthur is given the nickname “maza partner”*. They continue to see each other, watching movies and even maza-ing here and there. One would assume that this would be the beginning of something; but to Barbara, Arthur was so far from her imagined type that this made him safe – and safe = friend. One evening together, Arthur starts to apologize over and over. But before a confused Barbara can even respond, he kisses her. He’ll proceed to ask her out every day for a month. It will take some time for our friend Arthur to pull himself out of the ‘friends’ category, but eventually, Arthur will convince Barbara that annoying can be funny, and funny is actually kinda cute.

* the verb maziti, in Croatian, means to cuddle

Never been to the cottage but I have been to Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


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