Natalie + Liam

Toronto – Fall 2010. Natalie and her girlfriends are getting ready at a hotel before heading out to a dance. Two doors down, a group of guys are hanging out in their room. Two of them get locked out and decide to meet the girls in the next room where Liam strikes up a conversation with Natalie. All is going well until a friend whispers to Natalie that he may have a girlfriend. To her, this means one thing: jerk potential. Unconcerned, she pushes him out of her mind and proceeds to have a great night. Early the next morning, Natalie runs into Liam in the parking lot. Noticing that she’s in a rush, he proclaims, “Wait! I’ll get you Vitamin Water first!” Baffled and a little amused, she finishes packing and gets ready to leave, already forgetting about his promise to return with water. Just as she is about to exit the parking lot, his truck returns. Liam rolls down the window, passes her the Vitamin Water and rushes off. At this point, Natalie still doesn’t know his name. She doesn’t know anything about him.

Life continues and a few months later, Natalie is dancing with her sister at a wedding when two guys approach and ask to cut in. Do men really do that? Liam introduces himself, and Natalie, thinking he looks familiar, inquires if he knows Shaw, referring to her brother who goes by their last name and a member of the bridal party. Liam says, “Sure, I know Shaw. She goes to Western and her first name is Natalie.” Say what? Natalie, and admittedly a student at Western, points to herself and says, “What?! I’m Natalie.” She pauses, “Wait a minute…You’re the Vitamin Water guy!” Shocked, they pause, start to laugh hysterically at not recognizing each other – and then they continue to dance. Eventually, Natalie will discover that Liam doesn’t have a girlfriend, that he may have come across her name on Facebook, and that she has since developed a fondness for Vitamin Water.

Dancing Ballet, Nancy, France

Dancing, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada



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