Giuseppina + Karim

London, UK. It was the 1970s and Giuseppina and Karim were students in London. She was finishing her thesis on linguistics and he was studying English. One day, Karim and a friend decided to go to Trafalgar Square where they sat by a fountain. In need of a lighter, he asked a nearby girl if she had one. Giuseppina, disgusted by cigarettes, rudely answered the man and said that she did not. Feeling a little guilty for being so cold, she offered him some cherries. They started to talk. And talk. And talk. Until eventually Karim’s friend left and they continued to converse into the night. After that day, they met up daily for walks. They discovered the city, visited museums and would eat at Wimpy’s – a cheap burger joint. After two weeks, Karim proposed. Perhaps I should mention that Giuseppina was engaged to a German while Karim had recently broken off an engagement to a woman in Iran. Nonetheless, Karim knew she would be returning to Italy soon and therefore a sense of urgency urged him to propose. The still tall and handsome Karim explains that Giuseppina was the first woman he had met who was completely herself – an understated beauty who was curious and unself-conscious – simply, she fascinated him. She thought he was crazy. She soon left for Germany to break off her engagement and returned to London to meet Karim.

La place Royale de Nantes, Nantes, France

Cherries in the Summertime, My balcony, Toronto, Canada


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