Joan + Michael

Toronto, Ontario. Joan, a real estate agent, was asked to help a friend’s friend find an apartment to rent. Told that her potential client was in ‘upper management’ at a ‘prestigious financial institution’, Joan was expecting a Suit. Instead, she meets Michael who is wearing dusty Converse, well-worn jeans and a tight black shirt. Joan notices that Michael isn’t the most talkative of men and, on their third visit, she decides that idle chit-chat is in order – so she comments on the current NFL season. Who knew my girl Joan was so into football? They start to discuss teams and eventually wager on the upcoming game versus Dallas and New Orleans. He was surprised by her interest but more fascinated by her strategy of chosing a winning team. Joan didn’t worry about things like stats. Rather, she predicted based on uniform colour or if she liked the mascot or if they were from a city with good shopping. New York yes. Kansas not so much. The terms: whoever loses has to take the other out for lunch. Joan loses the first bet, then the next, and ultimately the following three. Thinking that losing to someone five times means you’re friends, Joan blurts out, “Don’t you feel bad making a woman pay for all your meals?” He admits he likes the bets and slyly switches their tickets because, predictably, she had the losing ticket again.

Not American Football, Hajduk vs Sampdoria, Stadion Poljud, Split, Croatia

Fans and Fire, Stadion Poljud, Split, Croatia


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