Claudia + Paolo

Toronto – November 2004. It was a Saturday night and Claudia had been talked into going out for a friend’s birthday. It was one of those nights where your friends convince you that you’re young and should want to go out every Saturday night but all you really want to do is put on your comfy clothes and watch some SNL. Alas, friends tend to win and off they went to a hip club in Toronto. While at the bar, a man to her left was ordering a couple of beers. He turns to her and asks if she wouldn’t mind giving one of the Coors Lights to his friend in the red shirt and say, “Here’s your beer professor.” Amused and feeling brave after a few drinks, Claudia walks over to the man in the red shirt. She curtsies, delivers her line and leaves to join her friends. Eventually, the man in the red shirt finds her again and introduces himself – his name is Paolo. After some conversation, Paolo asks Claudia for her number. She asks the bartender for a pen and paper and the bartender provides her with a packet of matches. She writes her name and draws a heart. ‘Til this day, Paolo continues to tease her about the cheesy heart. Following what I imagine is some kind of man-rule, Paolo calls 3 days later and they agree to meet that week-end. One hour before their date, Paolo calls Claudia with some bad news – his car has been stolen. Claudia thinks it’s a bullshit excuse. Paolo is convinced she’ll think it’s a bullshit excuse. But a woman with a soft heart, she believes him and they talk all week, everyday for hours. The two eventually make it to their first date.

Not Exactly a Coors Light, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palo Borracho (Spanish translation “drunken stick”), Rosario, Argentina



  1. Paolo did keep them for a while in his nightstand but unfortunately they got lost in the shuffle somehow when we moved in together. Now I get to bust his chops about losing them.

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